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The World is a Cycle

Doesn't it seem like everything runs in cycles? Cars are big, then small, then big again. Hemlines are up, down, then up again. Web site development works like that too.

We recognize this basic fact. We see our projects as a cycle - moving through four phases: envisioning, planning, building, and stabilizing. We break all of our work down into small units, and all of these units move through all four phases. One of the best things about a Web site is that it doesn't have to all be done at once - so you can have a number of phases that all move through the process, usually pretty quickly. In fact, it is probably better that you continue developing your site for a long time ... so that your users continue to have a reason to come back to the site, and take the action that you want them to take.

Why choose the Red Arrow Group?

Many factors contribute to making the Red Arrow Group the best choice for your Web site development and maintenance partner, including:

  • Superior Experience - We've been working on the Web since its early days. Before that, we were working on client-server systems and print-based medium, and before that, some of us were working on timesharing systems. Everything is a cycle, and we've been through it once or twice.
  • Breadth of Experience - We've worked on pretty much everything at least once - and have the scars to show for it. But that means that we can put our expertise directly to work for you - we won't have to learn how to do something before we can apply it to your Web site.
  • We're Different - No, not like that. Read more about the Red Arrow Group difference.

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