Intranets, FranConnect, Workflow Management


Intranets provide private, secure internet access to company information for employees, franchisees, vendors and others. They can also be a portal for providing marketing support and materials, requests for creative or location maintenance, managing, classifying and tracking customer comments, and much more.

Locations, Franchisees, Web Site Integration and more...

  • Need to manage franchisee and location information?
  • Need support for multiple brands?
  • Need that information to integrate with your public facing sites?
  • Need a single source for company and training materials?
  • A repository of company and/or location documents?
  • Need to integrate with franchise sales systems?
  • Company and brand communications? We have solutions.

Here's a diagram of some of the intranet solutions we can build for you. Only the parts you need or everything from start to finish.

FranConnect Integration and Migration

We can integrate existing FranConnect data with your web site or populate FranConnect with data from your in-house systems. The "Multi-Brand Intranet", "Entities", "Franchisees" and "Locations" in the above diagram could be replaced with a FranConnect integration.

We can migrate your current FranConnect data to a custom intranet to more easily see and manage your location, entity and franchisee data.

Workflow Management - Simplified

Need workflow management and support for creative / local store marketing requests, maintenance requests, employee reviews, job applications?  We can help with that too.

We build a solutions where the workflow is managed simply and efficiently via email and the web. Assignment and completion of workflow steps are handled via email.

A single dashboards provides management with request status and allows easy identification of new, upcoming due, completed and overdue items.

Here's a very simple workflow as an example.


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