Red Arrow Group Maintenance Services

The Red Arrow Group offers a comprehensive solution that incorporates the five core elements of web site maintenance and management content, applications, systems, site statistics and site marketing that are necessary for your business to maintain and manage a fresh, highly functional, and robust Internet site.

We deliver real value by providing the final critical success factor - the people who add expertise, insight and intelligence to the entire process. Red Arrow Group staff offers valuable technical, programming, copy writing, graphics, project management, and research and analysis skills so that you can focus on more critical aspects of your Internet strategies or your core business.

Content: Keeping your site fresh, accurate and up-to-date

Your Red Arrow Group team of producers, programmers, graphic designers and copywriters helps you maintain a fresh, accurate and current site. We provide a comprehensive suite of services and tools to ensure every section of your site has up-to-date information and is performing optimally. We coordinate the collection of content from your organization, alliance partners and third-party information providers and manage all aspects of launching updates and revisions easily and efficiently. Our tools ensure that various versions of the site are accessible, tracked and managed through both development and production environments.

Our range of solutions and services include:

  • Production Management - we oversee release schedules, and the management of content updates, programming projects, and graphic designers. We also coordinate materials from multiple providers, including your organization, alliance partners, and third-party information providers.
  • Programming - a proven team of qualified talent with essential programming experience and skills.
  • Design and Copy Writing - we provide the skills required to update, add and enhance content and graphics in a style consistent with your site's existing look and feel.
  • Web Accessibility - we ensure your site is accessible to users with disabilities.
  • Workflow - from change requests and scheduling, to approval and notification, you will always know the status of your requests.
  • Reporting - requests are logged to provide you with an easy way to view historical data.

Application Maintenance: Ensuring your applications are running at peak performance

Red Arrow Group can keep you moving at the speed of the Internet with reliable management of the data that powers the engines driving your site. Our team of IT programmers and managers will provide fast and cost effective e-business support of all your client- or server-side applications. We help you with:

  • Updates - we provide rapid and ongoing application content changes including critical product and pricing information, password management, sales territories, contact information and other important data elements essential to the applications housed within your site.
  • Performance - we run efficiency tests and diagnostics to monitor ongoing application performance and usage.
  • Reporting - we provide on-demand access to application user and performance data.
  • Scalability - we ensure applications can scale smoothly to meet the demands of increased user traffic.

Systems Management: Your 24/7 hardware guardians

Red Arrow Group watches over your hardware issues and keeps your site up and running through a variety of solutions and services. Red Arrow Group provides a single point of contact to interface with multiple partners, such as other web site development companies, hosting partners, and application developers to effectively manage and coordinate the following:

  • Hardware performance - we include load balancing, stress testing, capacity planning and troubleshooting.
  • Server administration - we include OS and software upgrades, patches, removals and reinstallation.
  • Security monitoring - we include hacker prevention, log file analysis, password distribution and maintenance.
  • File Management - we perform backups and recovery, version tracking and source code management.

Site Statistics Management: Comprehensive performance analysis

The better your site works for your users, the better it is working for you. Red Arrow Group offers the tools and the intelligence to analyze site performance and recommend enhancements.

Red Arrow Group provides access to information and reports about your web site. This information is not only easily accessible, but meaningful and easy to understand. Our purpose is to deliver the information you need to make well-informed business decisions on your site, not overwhelm you with big reports full of information you don't need. Our services include:

  • Web site performance statistics - applications and tools to collect and analyze site statistics, including user traffic and trends, navigation paths, performance, security, link checks, search engine rankings, and more.
  • E-commerce statistics - complete reporting of e-commerce transactions.
  • Documentation and standards - we ensure the adherence of corporate policies and guidelines for site content and graphic development through a detailed online file including site maps, site standards, and more.
  • Contact information - a directory of all personnel and providers involved in the site as well as their phone numbers, e-mail and office addresses.
  • Maintenance Reports - all the details on your Red Arrow Group services, including status reports, account history and contact information.

Site Marketing Services: Drive web site performance and results

"Build it and they will come" is a famous line from the movie Field of Dreams. However, following this strategy for your web site probably isn't the best approach. You must work hard to drive new and repeat visitors to your site. Search engines and portals are the primary tools used by Internet surfers to find target sites on the Net. Studies show that people making purchases on the Net are much more likely to use search engines to locate their target purchase than any other method.

The Red Arrow Group offers a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization Program. The program consists of three stages:

1) Analysis and Recommendation:

  • Develop a baseline analysis of your company's current search engine rankings.
  • Analyze your web site (structure, meta tags, titles, etc.) to evaluate its current search engine compatibility.
  • Analyze your top competitors to evaluate their search engine performance and strategies.
  • Recommend a customized Search Engine Optimization Program.

2) Programming:

  • Implement all of the recommended one-time enhancements and perform all of the ongoing programming requirements.

3) Site Submissions and Reporting:

  • Ensure your site is registered with the target search engines.
  • Provide monthly reports showing performance versus the initial baseline.
  • Make monthly recommendations to enhance and modify the approach.

Red Arrow Group Site Revision Services

Let's face it - everything needs to be "done over" once in awhile. Your site probably does too.

Your business is constantly changing, and your Web site needs to keep up. You may have a major new branding campaign going on, or just want to change out a few graphics. The Red Arrow Group specializes in taking a look at your site and making recommendations for change. We can provide you with a report on the changes we recommend, and can then go ahead and implement those changes for you.

Working together, we can make your site even better than it is now!

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