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We provide full site life-cycle services for your Web site. We can start with you from the beginning on a brand new Web site with our design services, take over the ongoing maintenance of a site, or perform a complete site revision or "makeover."

What's involved in your web site's "lifecycle"? Here's the list:

  • Design & Build - create the look and feel as well as the interaction of your web site.
  • Maintenance - keep the site running over time, both from a technical point of view and also with ongoing updates.
  • Database - most sites have some form of database behind them, either to provide information that is displayed on the site, or to collect information that comes from the web site.
  • Hosting - the site has to be placed on a server that is connected to the Internet and always available. Also included in "hosting" is the ability to run reports and perform analysis of how your site is doing - how many visitors is it getting, what pages are they going to, what time of day is the site busy, and much more.
  • Search Engines and SEO - visitors have to find your web site somehow, and search engines are the way. We'll make your site as visible as possible to search engines, so that when somebody types your search terms, your site comes up near the top of the list.

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